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Havaş online job application platform aims to be an interactive platform that protects all members' information in line with security and privacy principles. If Havaş detects that the Member is using the site in violation of the Privacy Principles below or the law, or if a determination or investigation request is received by the competent authorities, it has the right to report the information about the Member to the competent authorities. In a similar situation, Havaş also has the right to take other measures stipulated in the Privacy Principles. Havaş is supported by technical measures in line with the developing technology to ensure the security of the information members provide.

Membership (Applicant)

The personal information, education information, contact information, employment information, date of birth, gender and photograph of all our visitors who fill out the Havaş Job Application Form are used in order to select the personnel that Havaş wants to employ in various workplaces and in various positions.

CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Havaş provides its members who want to apply for a job with the opportunity to prepare, save, update, delete and apply for a job through the job application module. Within the scope of this opportunity, the CVs prepared by the members themselves can be viewed by Havaş. Prepared CVs are kept in Havaş in an active or passive manner. The Member accepts and undertakes that all the information given in the Job Application Form is correct, valid and up-to-date. It is strictly forbidden for the CV information to be untrue, incomplete or deceptive/misleading, to cause discrimination, to direct third parties to crime, or to contain propaganda on any ethnic group, origin, language, political opinion, religion. In case Havaş and/or third parties incur any damage due to this situation, the member accepts and undertakes that it will compensate all damages in full and immediately.

User Name and Password

In order to protect the privacy of all information of our members, you can access the sections related to your job application on with your username and password. The Member's right to benefit from the Site belongs only to him/her and cannot be transferred to others. The confidentiality of the user name and password is the responsibility of the Member and cannot be used by third parties or organizations. Havaş does not bear any responsibility for the situations that may arise from the use of the user name and password by third parties, with or without permission, and any legal and penal liability that may arise belongs to the Member. Violation of this article may lead to unilateral suspension of the services provided to the Member without any notice. Havaş must be informed if unauthorized use of the password is detected. If members who do not comply with and do not consider the security and privacy principles determined by Havaş, Havaş does not bear any responsibility if they encounter a situation contrary to the security-confidentiality principles. In case of such a negative situation, it is also recommended to contact Havaş Human Resources Department.

The accuracy, currency and protection of the e-mail address used by our members for login or password reminder processes is entirely under the initiative of the member.

Havaş Privacy Principles is a document that includes the purpose of using the information obtained about the members and the way the site is used. By becoming a member on, the member accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this Privacy Policy, that he/she confirms the accuracy of the information he/she has given about him/her and that the Privacy Principles will be valid for him/her.

Havaş reserves the right to make changes on the Membership Terms and Privacy Principles.

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