Havaş shakes hand with IATA on Timatic Mobile App

Havaş, a pioneering brand in ground handling services sector, has become the first company in the world that carries the latest Timatic Mobile application, which has been developed by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and makes the traveling documents requirement faster and reliable, to its operations. A signature ceremony for Timatic Mobile was held at the IATA Ground Handling Services Conference organized in Madrid, which was sponsored by Havaş.

Providing ground handling services to over 200 airline companies at 30 airports in Turkey, Latvia and Saudi Arabia, Havaş begins using Timatic Mobile application, a mobile platform developed by International Air Transport Association (IATA) to transfer their guide including varying legislations of countries regarding visa and passport procedures, for the passenger services. Having an extensive database and continuous update support, Timatic Mobile application enables the companies to scan the travel documents of the passengers by a mobile device during check-in and cross-check the documents against the latest visa regulations; therefore makes passport controls more reliable and faster.

As part of the agreement regarding Timatic Mobile application, a signature ceremony was held at the IATA Ground Handling Conference, of which Havaş was also among the sponsors of the event. Havaş Deputy General Manager of Operations Mehmet Bozdemir and Senior Vice President for Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security Nick Careen attended the ceremony.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak stated, "We are very glad with our collaboration with IATA and to be the first user of Timatic Mobile Application in the world. With the latest technologies and solutions, we intend to develop our operations by a particular focus on the satisfaction of our passengers and airline customers. Thus, we will use the Timatic Mobile application, a new approach in document control processes, in our passenger services and provide a faster service with the updated data we get on the mobile platform. The application avoids the complexity regulations in legal language and speeds up visa and passport control processes. Furthermore, the system cross-checks the constantly amending entrance rules of the countries and personalized data and results in reliable outcomes. Hence, I believe we will enhance positive passenger experiences during pre-boarding processes. We will continue our investments in our operations and maintain to be a preferred business partner."

IATA Senior Vice President for Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security Nick Careen stated, "Given the high number of regularly changing visa and country entry requirements, Timatic checks have become an integral part of the passenger acceptance process. Timatic mobile is a stand-alone solution that allows ground support personnel to access the Timatic database anywhere, expanding service coverage where automated options may not be available. The new mobile scanning feature enables agents can scan many types of travel documents and visas, even where they are non-standard and in different. This improves the boarding experience for passengers and makes travel even more seamless. We congratulate Havaş for becoming the first ground handling company in the world to adopt Timatic mobile.’’

Having an extensive database and continuous update support, Timatic Mobile application enables the control process of all visa, passport and travel documents required during check-in carried out by smart scanners through a mobile platform instead of traditional swipe readers. Scanning and transferring the passports, visas, residence permits and ID cards to the system and analyzing the different legislations of the countries according to personal data, the application also provides the fastest and the most accurate results during pre-boarding processes. Whilst the application simplifies check-in, bag drop and boarding processes, it also eliminates any missing data flow from amending country entrance rules which are regularly updated.


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